Along with myself, my passion for architecture was born in the heart of Manhattan, New York City.  And, being raised in the backdrop of this New York City landscape, I was afforded the study of beautiful buildings of all ages first hand, from my youth, on.

As my time in New York evolved over the years, my experience guided me from "Set-Building" for the Film Industry, to establishing my own Interior Finishing Business.  And so, specializing in city dwellings became my forte´.

As a contractor, I encountered many first-time home buyers who unwittingly purchased a "money-pit" property, because they either opted-out of retaining Home Inspection Services or genuinely did not understand the need for a Home Inspector.

These unfortunate circumstances led me to my desire to become a Home Inspector and to help these individuals avoid unexpected and costly repairs by offering honest and helpful services at:


                        in New York

We offer the same impartial care and diligence for all of our clients whether it be a "First-Time Home Buyer" or a "Seller" needing to assess the condition of their sale property.

With our detailed, easy to read, typed-written report; not the vague check-list reporting, Gotham Home Inspections makes this experience simple and affordable.

Home Inspections is our exclusive specialty! 

We are not a "super-market" of too many services; our attention to detail and thorough inspections exceed most expectations.

A typicalGotham Home Inspection includes Thermal Imaging Reporting of Energy & Heat Loss at no extra expense to your Home Inspection cost!


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